Euphonic Audio iAMP Classic

Euphonic Audio iAMP Classic

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Euphonic Audio- iAMP Classic


Our objective  was to create a compact, full–featured integrated bass amplifier with a wide bandwidth, possessing more than adequate power and exceptional “headroom” (for extra power demands, when needed), an amplifier capable of driving and extracting all the nuances from EA’s expressive line of speaker cabinets.


Our overall design mandate included balancing between two competing ideals: simple to use, yet extremely flexible. _The iAMP Classic, easily, covers all the "Old-School" and modern tones!


We took our cue from today’s high-end recording studio equipment, thus creating a robust integrated amp with an intuitive layout, providing today’s bassist with exceptional versatility. Notice the “organic” placement of the controls on the Front Panel. As the signal flows from left to right—from the INPUT SECTION to the TONE SHAPING SECTION to the OUTPUT SECTION — you adjust the parameters at each stage, corresponding to actual the signal path within the iAMP® itself. _








  • EQ: Lo, Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid, and Hi: all with boost/cut and variable frequency controls.
  • EQ Presets: Deep, Contour 1, Contour 2, Bright
  • Effects Loop: Series Post EQ with level control
  • Outputs: Two parallel 1/4" speaker, 1/4" Tuner, XLR balanced DI
  • Power Output: 1200w/4 ohms, 600w/8 ohms 
  • 100/120 - 240 volt power using internal selection
  • Weight: 9 lbs.


“The iAMP offers a lot of tone-shaping flexibility: Four bands of parametric EQ plus four well-voiced presets provide almost unlimited tone-tweaking potential.”

- Bass Player Magazine _