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Best Selection of Taylor Guitars in the SF Bay Area

With over 70 individual models in stock at any time, Danville Music has
got you covered whether you're looking for your first guitar or your

  • We can party too!

    Stay tuned or the latest and greatest events and clinics!!

  • Premier Tom Anderson Dealer in Northern California

    Come in and browse our incredible selection of Tom Anderson guitars. Looking to build your very own custom Anderson? Our experienced staff can help!

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  • Suhr Amplifiers Hombre Amp Custom Shop

    Check out our fantastic selection of boutique amps!

    We carry Suhr, Milkman, and PRS amps among many others that help you reach that Holy-Grail tone you've been searching for.

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  • Not Just A Guitar Shop...

    Danville Music carries the full line of Yamaha Band and Orchestra instruments for both rent and sale! 

  • Build Your Dream Guitar Through The PRS Private Stock Program

    Have an idea for the guitar of your dreams? Let our team at Danville Music and the artisans at PRS help you realize it.

  • Your Northern California PRS Signature Dealer

    Danville Music is proud to be your go-to destination for PRS guitars in
    Northern California, with a fantastic collection of Core, Private Stock,
    Limited Edition, and Wood Library guitars.

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Danville Music - The Finest Selection of Guitars in Northern California

Proudly Carrying Suhr Guitars!

Suhr Guitars

If you don't see what you're looking for, just call! 925-743-0898 FREE... 

John Suhr Suhr Guitars Custom Shop
Suhr Mateus Asato Custom Guitar
  • Music Man Basses

    We feel at Danville Music that Music Man basses are some of the best and most iconic basses ever made!

    See our collection here 
  • Ever played a PRS amp?

    Danville Music is proud to be a Premier PRS Amp Dealer. Come on down and play one today!

    Shop our amps now! 
  • We stock high-end studio gear too!

    From brand such as Neumann, Sennheiser, Suhr, Steinberg, AKG, and many more!

  • We're proud to support local and national touring acts!

    Danville Music has been instrumental in building the SF Bay Area music scene since 1989 and we're happy to help inspire the next generation of musicians!

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We Offer A Wide Selection of Brands

3rd Power / AER / AKG / Ampeg / Aquila / Armstrong / Artley / Audio Technica / Browne Amplification / Bourgeois / Conn/ Cool Picks / D'addario / Duesenberg / Dunlop / Electro-Harmonix / Elixir / Epiphone / Ernie Ball / Earthquaker Devices / Evans / Fender / Focusrite / Gibson / G&L / GHS / Hal Lenoard / Hohner / Hosa / JBL / JHS / K&K / K&M / Kala / Knilling / Kyser / Lakland / Levys / Latin Percussion / Line 6 / LR Baggs / LsL Instruments / Mackie / Mayones / Mesa Boogie / Milkman / Music Man / MXR / Mono / Neumann / Novo / On Stage Stands / Ohana / Orange / Pedal Train / PRS / Pick Boy / Remo / Rico / Rotosound / Santa Cruz / Schecter / Sennheiser / Seymour Duncan / Shure / Steinberg / Strymon / Suhr / Supro / Taylor / TC Electronic / Tom Anderson / Vandoren / V-Picks / Walrus Audio / Way Huge / Xotic Effects / Yamaha

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