All of our woodwind, brass, and string instruments are name brand instruments (Yamaha, CONN, Artley, Armstrong), and are of the highest quality. We rent both new and used instruments. Every used instrument we rent is professionally refurbished, play-tested, cleaned, sterilized, and is guaranteed to be in great condition.

Following are our rental policies and pricing:

  • 100% of the first 12 months rent is good toward the purchase the instrument you rented, or a new instrument if the one you have been renting was used upon rental
  • If your child changes their mind about which instrument they want to play (i.e., they start playing flute but decide their true calling is as a saxophone player) you can apply any credit up to 12 months earned at that point within the same “pricing class” to the purchase of the new instrument
  • We ask that you and your child make a three-month commitment to the learning of an instrument – it takes time and patience to learn something new!
  • We cover all basic “wear and tear” on any repairs should you require them while you’re renting from us.
All instruments are 
name brand
 and top quality
Monthly Price
(New or Used)
Clarinet $30
Flute/Piccolo $30
Trumpet $30
Bass Clarinet $50
Trombone $30
Violin/Viola $30
Alto Saxophone $50
Tenor Saxophone $60
French Horn $60
Snare Drum/Bell Set* $30
Acoustic Guitar* $30
Electric Guitar/Bass* $30
Amplifier* $20
Electric Guitar/Bass and Amplifier* $50
Electric Drums $45
Keyboard $40

* For these instruments/packages, 100% of the first 3 months rent is good toward purchase. All other policies remain the same.

For PA systems/Live sound call 925-743-0898 for pricing

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