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In need of your first or 10th guitar and not sure what to get? Or do you want to explore a little and try a few models before investing? Either way, for your information, Danville Music is one of the leading music stores near Concord, Lafayette, Livermore, and other East Bay locations, that offers you the very best in musical instruments.

Danville Music
115 Town and Country Dr E
Danville, CA 94526

(925) 226-8805

Less than a 20-minute drive from downtown Concord CA, Danville Music is among a select few decades-old businesses with roots that run deep into Tri-Valley’s musical legacy. A full-service music store, it is the number one destination for musicians; young, old, beginners, and professionals with any type of instrument needs. As such, people come here from near and far looking for equipment, great guitar lessons, repair services, band instruments, and pretty much all things related to sound. 

Then again, it is one of few places where anyone can drop by to review a guitar or simply chat about recording equipment, subwoofers, monitors, headphones, keyboards, a piano, a drum set, or anything under the sun, including local news, with Danville Music’s talented staff. Love for music is evident as soon as you enter, and you'll quickly notice that the staff takes much pride in their work.

Need a gift for that special guitar player in your life with a passion for playing? Why not give them a Danville Music gift card? 

Need your axe repaired? We have the best repair staff in the East Bay Area to service anything from guitars to amplifiers. 

Moreover, as an iconic instrument store near Concord, Danville Music has a spectacular range of electric, bass, and acoustic guitars, drums, ukuleles, banjos, guitar cases, amps, microphones, pedals, cables, sheet music and music accessories. The store’s guitar catalog is expansive across models and manufacturers, with over 70 in stock at all times. Furthermore, not only are we able to price them extremely competitively, but you can often get deals on select items on sale.


The highlight of any visit to Danville Music is the plush and elegant ambiance, accentuated by mood lighting, that is simultaneously comforting and casual. The use of wood, deep colored tones, and carpets give the place a cozy feel, inviting visitors to relax, browse, and try out instruments in an unhurried setting.

So, whether you want a hard-to-find special edition guitar or a pocket-friendly one as your first guitar, Danville Music is the best music store near Concord. Add to that the knowledge and expertise of the staff at this music shop, and there is no way you will go wrong with your choice.

But what if you've always lived in this beautiful area of California and heard only the siren song of Guitar Center Concord down the street? Well, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t at least check out the assistance, selection and value at Danville Music, just a few miles south of you, down the 680 freeway. 

What are the odds that one of the best guitar shops in the United States is located right down the freeway? Well, you're in luck, my friend, cause all you have to do while on the 680 is look out for the logo of Danville Music. 

Concord's Rich Musical Roots

Concord has a lot going for it, with a rich history, vibrant culture, a wealth of recreational opportunities, and even the largest music venue in Contra Costa County! The largest city in the county, Concord, has a population of 130,000. About 30 miles east of San Francisco, its central location provides visitors and residents unlimited access to the nearby provincial attractions.

The city’s foundation is relatively recent, dating back only to 1869. Named Todos Santos by ranchero Don Salvio Pacheco II, the area has since been big on agriculture, mainly producing grapes, walnuts, tomatoes, wheat, and hay. 1942 onward, the town was the site of the Concord Naval Weapons Station, which assisted America’s efforts in WWII, the Vietnam War, and the Gulf War. The inland section of the base is no longer active, but the “tidal area” remains in function.

Concord is nowadays a bustling city with a multicultural population and a BART (Bay Area Rapid Transport) station. More importantly, it has a solid penchant for music. In fact, Concord is the birthplace and home to many artists, such as singer-songwriter Cass McCombs and jazz musicians Dave Brubeck and George Barnes. It’s also where music groups like Negativland and Autopsy started their journeys.

Todos Santos Plaza, titled after the city’s past name, is the epicenter of all the downtown activity in Concord. From retail shops and hosting small festivals to restaurants and a weekly farmer’s market, life in Concord is forever brimming with good food, great music, and all-around merriment.      

Concord Pavilion

If music isn’t the focus of an event in Concord, it sure is in the background, adding to the community spirit that forms a fundamental part of living in the area. The city is home to several formal and informal venues, but the one that stands out is Concord Pavilion.

A grand open-air theater with a roof, Concord Pavillion can accommodate up to 12,500 guests. Designed by architects Peter Walker and Frank Gehry, its construction took place in the mid-90s. Today, the amphitheater, with its open spaces and gardens, hosts graduations and other local events during the year. However, from May to September, it’s the main venue for a series of musical performances.

Moreover, the theater is the leading choice among famous artists planning a concert in the Tri-Valley area. Past performers at Concord Pavilion include Britney Spears, Nash and Young, Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac, Dave Matthews Band, and more.    

Concord: Jazz, Blues, And Artisanal Shopping

Besides live music at bars and restaurants, Concord is famous for hosting some of the region’s top music events. The Concord Jazz Festival and the family-friendly Music and Market series are particularly noteworthy.

Concord Jazz Festival

Started by the founder of Concord Records, Carl Jefferson, in 1969, the Concord Jazz Festival is a premier music event in the country. The first festival saw nearly 17,000 visitors attend what was to be a one-of-a-kind assembly of performers. Over the years, jazz greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Gerry Mulligan, Peter Nero, and Oscar Peterson have been a part of the line-up at the festival.

Ever since 1975, Concord Pavilion has become the festival’s primary venue. However, both paid and free recitals take place around several establishments in town during the five-day event.    

Tuesday Night Blues

Concord gets all folksy in July. It’s when the city invites music lovers to Todos Santos Plaza for free live Blues and barbeques on Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8:00 PM. And if the performances inspire you to pick up an instrument of your own, the best music store near Concord, Danville Music, is only 15 minutes away.    

Concord Music & Market Series

June to September is a busy time in Concord’s social calendar. During these pleasant summer months, Todos Santos Plaza hosts free concerts on Thursday nights. Performers include new artists and local favorites such as Zepparella and Chase McKinney. Adding artisanal charm to the event are the many market stalls that allow you to enjoy open-air shopping while swaying to familiar tunes.

Live Music In Concord

Live music is an all-year-round experience in Concord. When the city is not hosting a festival, its many F&B establishments celebrate local talent through weekly musical performances. So, if you’re looking for a fun night out packed with drinks, food, and hip sounds, head over to the Red Hat Sports Bar, Armando’s for some jazz and folk, Impulse Room, or Nica Lounge to enjoy Latin beats.

Danville Music: The Best For A Reason

As the best music store near Concord, or in the San Francisco Bay Area for that matter, Danville Music has an ever-growing clientele of first-time and expert music enthusiasts. So, you can stop all your online searches like "guitar center Concord" and head over to Danville Music for cases, strings, bass amps, or your next bass guitar.

In case you cannot make it to the store, we offer the best price and free shipping on all domestic orders across our entire range. Or else, you can do quick pickups while passing by if you wish to test the items. 

Now, while professional in its service, Danville Music exudes a sense of familiarity that has led to its popularity among Tri-Valley residents. The staff here is the soul of the store. Veterans in the music business, they help create an attractive ambiance with their friendly demeanor and extensive knowledge of instruments. Moreover, the staff, many of whom have been a part of Danville Music for 11+ years, can assist you with music lessons and equipment repairs.


Admittedly, Danville Music is best known in the San Francisco Bay Area for its jealousy-inducing collection of guitars. So, don’t be surprised if you hop in for just a look and end up finding that perfect guitar you’ve had your eye on for a while. While at home, you can always tune in to our YouTube Channel for gear reviews and guitar lessons!

Danville Music’s guitars suit musicians of all calibers. As an authorized PRS dealer, we have electric and acoustic guitars by Paul Reed Smith. Similarly with Taylor, and Santa Cruz, you'll find even more acoustic guitars, and basses from Schecter, G&L, and Suhr. At the same time, electric guitars are available from world-class brands like PRS, Yamaha, Sterling, Suhr, Music Man, Tom Anderson, Gibson, Fender, and the like. Moreover, if you desire something a little “smaller,” pick a ukulele made in solid mahogany or bamboo by Kala.

the friendly staff at Danville Music

This very complete music instrument store near Concord, Danville Music also sells guitar picks, guitar straps, tuners, metronomes and instructional DVDs. We also rent drums, amps, orchestral pieces, and pretty much everything to get you started on a music career.

And our awesome array of "big box" and boutique effects from manufacturers like JHS, Ernie Ball, Strymon, and  L. R. Baggs means you need not go elsewhere for your supporting requirements.

Decades of experience ooze from every corner of Danville Music, be it the guitar manufacturers, the tempting displays, or the staff inside. As such, music flows through the air here, especially inspiring visitors who are just starting to learn an instrument. And if you have any questions, the friendly staff is always available to answer!

Quite honestly, with so much variety in products, and a truly holistic experience, Danville Music is the destination where your search for that perfect guitar ends. At the same time, it is a place where many musical journeys begin.

Danville Music
115 Town and Country Dr E
Danville, CA 94526

(925) 226-8805

Fun Facts About Concord Guitar Stores

  1. The average person in Concord, CA spends $200 on a guitar every year.
  2. There are 3 guitar stores within 10 miles of Concord, CA (the best one is just down the 680 freeway about 15 minutes!)
  3. The average guitar store in Concord, CA has been in business for 5 years.
  4. The average guitar store in Concord, CA has 5 employees.
  5. The average guitar store in Concord, CA sells 10 guitars per month.
  6. The average guitar store in Concord, CA has a return rate of 2%.
  7. The average guitar store in Concord, CA has a satisfaction rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  8. The average guitar store in Concord, CA offers lessons.
  9. The average guitar store in Concord, CA offers a warranty on their guitars.