Collection: Taylor Guitars



5 Things that set the Taylor experience apart

Precision Craftsmanship
We’ve set the standard for modern-day craftsmanship to
create the best possible playing experience. Our blend
of innovative manufacturing technology with impeccable
hand-craftsmanship has led to unmatched quality and
consistency in the production of our guitars.
Tone-Enhancing Innovation
Our relentless drive to refine the sound of our guitars has
led to groundbreaking designs like our award-winning
V-Class™ bracing. This powerful tone-shaping platform
allows us to create a wide range of musically inspiring
acoustic flavors.

Playable Necks
Taylor guitar necks are the most playable in the industry,
thanks to our patented neck joint design and sleek neck
profile. Our precise neck/body assembly process allows
every neck angle to be set with extreme accuracy and
easily maintained throughout the life of the guitar.

Sustainability Leadership
We are deeply committed to safeguarding the future of
the natural resources we use. This has led us to pioneer
many eco-sustainability initiatives around the world. When
you purchase a Taylor guitar, you are supporting the highest
levels of ethical, eco-conscious business.

Service & Support
Wherever you may be on your guitar-playing journey, we
strive to provide a great Taylor experience, whether you
need help choosing a guitar or taking care of it. From our
friendly staff to our expert repair technicians, you can count
on a lifetime of superb Taylor service.