Best Guitar Store Near Livermore

The Best Guitar Store near Livermore is Danville Music

The Best Guitar Store Near Livermore, CA

Whether you're looking for new or used guitars, guitar cases,  amps, pedals, strings, guitar straps, tuners, metronomes for practice, boutique effects and accessories and you live in Livermore, California, your best bet for an outstanding selection and unmatched customer service is Danville Music, just a few miles up the 680 freeway heading north.

Danville Music offers beginner, intermediate and advanced guitar players a dizzying selection of new, vintage, rare and custom electric guitars and acoustic guitars, both in-store and online. 

But you'll want to experience this beautiful guitar store yourself, as it is no doubt the cleanest music store with the most professional yet laid-back vibe you've ever experienced. And you may be surprised to know that when people work here, they rarely leave: our staff has been around for on average 11+ years, and one of our friendly sales folks even used to own the store! He loved it so much, he came back to work again!

Livermore is a lively musical city

A lively city on San Francisco Bay Area’s eastern border, Livermore is the most populated in the Tri-Valley region. Home to nearly 90,000 residents, it lies less than 30 minutes from the towns of Danville, Walnut CreekPleasanton, and Lafayette.

The site of the Altamont Festival in 1969, Livermore has always had an unbreakable connection with music. Today, the sound of soulful music runs through the streets and veins of the town as live performances form a regular nightlife feature, with events taking place across citywide venues simultaneously. Additionally, the city’s gleaming 505-seat Bankhead performing arts theatre places music in the front and center of Livermore’s entertainment landscape.

Music makers and music lovers in and around town with a penchant for good sound and top-quality guitars will find the best music store near Livermore less than 20 miles from downtown. Danville Music stands out among the competition for its spectacular collection of electric and acoustic guitars, with over 70 on display in-shop at any time. Additionally, one can purchase guitar gear, rent orchestral instruments, plan for a music lesson, or get their devices repaired here by authorized technicians.

Livermore: A Town Of Many Experiences

Founded by William Mendenhall in 1869, Livermore displays solid western heritage roots. The town’s agricultural background continues to date, visible through the numerous ranches and over 45 wineries that dot the province. 

Covering an area of 25 square miles, Livermore prides itself in having a close-knit society with an emphasis on “quality of life.” Accordingly, visitors and residents can easily immerse themselves in the local lifestyle that promises support, partnership, and an array of experiences for all ages.

Good food at one of the 40 downtown restaurants, fresh produce from the Farmer’s Market on Sundays, shopping, and hikes around the city are but some family-friendly excursions one can relish every week in Livermore.

Livermore’s Music Legacy

While free-spirited and experimental, Livermore’s emerging music scene is also homegrown and community-centric. From local wine and food establishments offering spaces for entertainers to a center with a mission to enhance the performing arts, Livermore and music are quite simply inseparable.

Altamont Speedway Free Festival

December 6, 1969, is not just an infamous date in Livermore’s legacy but one that still reverberates through the history of music. On this date, the ill-fated Altamont Free Festival took place, attracting over 300,000 music lovers who came to see some of the greatest musicians of the time, including the Rolling Stones.

While the event, termed “Woodstock West,” ended controversially with fights breaking out, many remember it for playing host to Stones’ first public performance of Brown Sugar. Having recorded the song at Muscle Shoals a week earlier, performing the song was a spontaneous decision and possibly a feeble attempt to control the deteriorating situation.

Brown Sugar went on to top the charts and is said to have one of the most memorable guitar riffs ever. And if you’re looking to replicate the sound, head to Danville Music, the best guitar store near Livermore, to purchase your first or next guitar.

Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center

The Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center comprises two multi-purpose venues, the Bankhead Theatre and Bothwell Arts Center. 

Established in 2007, the Bankhead hosts over 40 music, theater, comedy, and dance recitals annually. The theater’s schedule usually includes a wide range of artists with performances geared towards the entire family. Reasonably priced tickets help make the events more accessible to the general public.

The Bothwell Arts Center is a space designed to nurture and encourage local talent. Workshops, rental studios, talks, and rehearsal rooms at the center allow artists to collaborate, learn, and improve in an enriching and supportive environment.

With music and the performing arts being an integral part of the local society, Danville Music is the perfect music store near Livermore for musical instruments. Whether buying your first bass guitar or taking lessons from experts, the store provides all possible music-related services.

Music & Wine

The presence of vineyards and access to fresh produce has led to a culinary revolution in Livermore. Consequently, one witnesses a seamless amalgamation of the gastronomic arts with music and entertainment across the city.

In particular, there is a thriving live music scene around town as well as in the vineyards. Wineries, breweries, and bars typically double up as music venues, creating a bright and scenic background for big and small performances. Among some of the most prominent music venues in Livermore are Wood Family Vineyards, Cuda Ridge Wines, and the Almost Famous Wine Lounge.

Opera in the Vineyard is another recurring event organized by Livermore Valley Opera and held at Retzlaff Vineyards. Herein, opera lovers can have a picnic and savor Retzlaff wines during an evening filled with expressive music.

Danville Music: A Guitarist's Paradise!

The moment you step inside Danville Music, an unparalleled tuneful aura captures your attention. As the best music store and guitar shop near Livermore, Danville Music boasts soothing lounge-like interiors that create the perfect ambiance to play and purchase a favorite musical instrument. Wooden flooring, carpets, and plush seating add to the atmosphere, with rows and rows of guitars and instruments making the store every music head’s dream come true.

At the very heart of this ludicrously clean instrument store is their impressive guitar selection. For professionals, the store stocks electric and acoustic guitars by brands like PRSTaylor, Sterling, Yamaha, D’Angelico, and Schecter. You can also pick up a Music Man, Suhr, or PRS basses. Catering to all your needs, As one of the best guitar stores in the entire Bay Area, Danville Music also sells top-quality guitar gear, which includes PRS and Supro amps, picks, and pedals. By all means, do visit Guitar Center, but be sure to check out Danville Music and compare the service, selection, supplies and friendliness of one of the top guitar stores in the bay area. 

However, there’s much more to why Danville Music is the fastest growing guitar store in the Bay Area. Among the many services offered by the shop are an instrument rental program as well as music lessons by qualified instructors. The store further provides free adjustments, forever, on all of its products, along with professional repair services by top luthiers in the business.    

Danville Music’s steadily growing clientele is a testament to its excellent customer service. The store’s hospitable and responsive staff are the perfect guides to help you select a guitar, drum kit, or ukulele. Packed with extensive knowledge about instruments and equipment, they are an incredible source of information on all things music.

Offering the finest selection of guitars in the San Francisco Bay Area, Danville Music is the best guitar store close to Livermore. A warm and welcoming destination, make sure you stop by the shop to satiate your musical necessities, whether you’re a beginner, professional, or casual window shopper.  

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