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Benson Amps Delay Effects Pedal

Benson Amps Delay Effects Pedal

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Digital Delay with the Old Soul of Analog Echo

Inspired by Benson Amps’ love of vintage tape delay units and bucket-brigade-based stompboxes, the Benson Amps Delay pedal merges the versatility of digital delay design with the ever-sought-after sound of analog echo. This digital delay pedal delivers a massive range of 30–1250ms, with colorful repeats that bloom, flutter, and decay with utterly analog-style degradation. A superb LFO section with three selectable waveforms (sine, square, and random) transforms your tone from wavy chorus/vibrato-style repeats to crumbling soundscapes sure to please the ambient afflicted. When you hold down the switch, you also get a remarkably accurate tap tempo footswitch that doubles as an infinite fountain of self-oscillation. Benson Amps’ boutique creations are renowned worldwide for impeccable designs and superior sonics — this delay unit is a more than fitting addition to the company’s impressive stable of top-class creations!

Benson Amps Delay Pedal Features:

  • Digital reverb pedal based on the PT2399 chip, voiced to capture all the warmth and vibe of the best analog delay pedals and vintage tape units
  • Massive 30–1250ms delay time covers everything from rockabilly slapback to spaced-out ambient dreamscapes
  • Repeats are voiced to provide you with lush, chaotic, and utterly analog-like degradation
  • Extensive LFO section transforms your tone with warbly modulation and subtle pitch shifting, with three waveforms to choose from: Square, Sine, and Random
  • Remarkably accurate tap tempo function, which can be toggled to cycle between quarter, dotted-eight, and sixteenth-note tap divisions
  • Secondary Hold function on the tap tempo footswitch unlocks never-ending self-oscillation for screaming sci-fi sound effects and infinite sustain
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