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Benson Amps Preamp Effect Pedal

Benson Amps Preamp Effect Pedal

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Shape-shift from Dragon’s Breath to Clean Boost

Put the firepower and tone of Chimera 30-watt head at your feet with the Preamp pedal from Benson Amps! Like the mythological creature that inspires it, the Preamp’s shape-shifting tones are full of surprises — from basic enhancement and EQ to countless shades of saturated drive. Low-gain settings can give clean sounds a more sparkling tube-like response or even work as a clean boost when already playing through a tube amp. Push the preamp gain more, and your signal begins to breakup, offering everything from subtle grit to fire-breathing fuzz and distortion. All the character and presence of a mythic tube head — now more compact than ever — are at your disposal with the Benson Preamp pedal from Danville Music 

Benson Amps Preamp Pedal Features:

  • Brings distinctive Benson tube tone to a compact solid-state FET preamp pedal
  • Ultra-sensitive volume and gain controls can achieve everything from clean boosts to a raucous fuzz
  • Musical EQ seamlessly works across the preamp’s wide range
  • Bold harmonic presence is perfect for saturating DI/solid-state setups or powering long signal chains
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