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Benson Amps Stonk Box Temperature-controlled Fuzz Effect Pedal

Benson Amps Stonk Box Temperature-controlled Fuzz Effect Pedal

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A '60s-style Fuzz for the Modern Guitarist

Germanium-based fuzz pedals are finicky and unreliable, right? Well, the Benson Amps Stonk Box begs to differ. Equipped with Benson's Automatic Thermal Bias Technology, the Stonk Box takes an early-'60s MK1-style fuzz circuit and retools it to deliver classic germanium grind with zero flaws or inconsistencies. The original pedal's familiar Filter and Volume knobs, along with added Tone and Trim knobs, allow you to expand your tonal palette. And, unlike vintage stompboxes, the Stonk Box is buffer and pedal order agnostic. Many fuzz devotees consider germanium-based units to be the Holy Grail of stompboxes, yet many are afraid of sending their persnickety vintage pedals into a temperature-induced tailspin every time they take them out. Hard-core fuzz aficionados have been waiting five-plus decades for a temperature-resistant MK1-style fuzz. Thanks to the Benson Amps Stonk Box, the wait is finally over.

Benson Amps Stonk Box Fuzz Pedal Features:

  • A germanium-based fuzz designed after an early '60s MK1-style pedal
  • Automatic Thermal Bias Technology maintains consistent operation, regardless of external temperature
  • Colored LED provides at-a-glance temperature status
  • Retains the original MK1's Filter and Volume knobs
  • Adds Tone and Trim knobs to expand your tonal palette
  • Buffer and pedal order agnostic — put it anywhere in your effects chain
  • Compatible with standard 9V BOSS-style, center-negative power supplies
  • 2-year warranty excluding modification, internal trimpot manipulation, or damage
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