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EarthQuaker Devices Blumes Low Signal Shredder Overdrive Effects Pedal

EarthQuaker Devices Blumes Low Signal Shredder Overdrive Effects Pedal

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The Blumes overdrive pedal takes the acclaimed Plumes circuit and modifies it for bassists and anyone chasing thick, saturated low end. While retaining the key features of the original, Blumes doubles the gain and enhances the bass response. At lower settings, you'll find the familiar crunch of the Plumes. But crank the gain past noon and hold on tight as Blumes unleashes a roar of distortion ideal for bass or baritone guitars.

Deep, Chest-Rattling Bass Overdrive

With its extended low-frequency response and higher gain ceiling, the Blumes overdrive saturates your bass signal in a way no other pedal can. Whether you need a subtle boost to push your tube amp into overdrive or want to unleash a wall of fuzz, the Blumes delivers. The massive gain on tap retains clarity and definition, allowing individual notes to still shine through the distortion.

Analog Versatility for Any Rig

The Blumes' all-analog design and bipolar power supply provide headroom and dynamics for a multidimensional tone in any setup. Its soft clipping captures the warmth of tube overdrive while the tri-mode circuit offers three voices—from crunchy boost to heavily saturated. This versatility makes the Blumes an endlessly inspiring tool for crafting your own signature bass tone.

Premium Pedal With Premium Tone

Like all EarthQuaker Devices pedals, the Blumes is handmade in Akron, Ohio using high-quality components for premium tone and durability. Its compact, rugged enclosure is built to handle the rigors of travel and stage use. With a Blumes on your pedalboard, you'll always have rich, responsive overdrive at your feet.

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