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EHX Electro-Harmonix Nano Q-Tron Envelope Filter Effect Pedal

EHX Electro-Harmonix Nano Q-Tron Envelope Filter Effect Pedal

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Classic Auto-Wah Effects in EHX's Nano Enclosure

If you’re chasing Garcia-style auto-wah sounds but are overwhelmed by the full-sized Q-Tron+ pedal’s complex control layout, the Electro-Harmonix Nano Q-Tron offers the perfect compromise. Like its pedalboard-hogging predecessor, the Nano is an envelope follower that produces dynamic-controlled wah-wah sounds. The harder you pick, the wider the frequency sweep; the softer you pick, the more subtle the effect will be. Dialing in your sound is easy with the Nano Q-Tron — a few twists of its four knobs is all you need to unleash an avalanche of funk-infused, jam-band-ready quack. You also get true-bypass switching and a rugged die-cast chassis that’s compact enough for the smallest of pedalboards. EXH is a pioneer of envelope-controlled filter effects, and the Nano springboards off that deep legacy. Players searching for a top-shelf dynamic wah effect — in a pedalboard-friendly package — will find everything they need in the Nano Q-Tron.

Electro-Harmonix Nano Q-Tron Envelope Filter Pedal Features:

  • Smooth envelope filter pedal for classic auto-wah sounds
  • Internal envelope follower analyzes your playing dynamics to determine the intensity of the wah effect
  • Volume knob controls your output — great for level matching between dry and effected signals
  • Drive control sets your sensitivity and filter sweep range
  • Q control sets the filter’s bandwidth from smooth to all-out funky
  • Selectable lowpass, band-pass, or highpass filters
  • True-bypass switching doesn’t color your tone when the pedal isn’t in use
  • Rugged Nano-sized chassis is compact enough for the smallest of pedalboards
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