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MXR M305 Tremolo Effect Pedal

MXR M305 Tremolo Effect Pedal

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All the Tremolo You Could Ask For

With the MXR M305 Tremolo effects pedal, you have access to the most iconic tremolo voicings ever created. A huge factor in the sound of any tremolo effect is the shape of its modulation waveform, and the M305 Tremolo offers waveshapes and tremolo modes based on classic tremolo circuits from '60s tube amplifiers, photocell circuits, and, of course, the acclaimed MXR M159 Stereo Tremolo effect. Tap into the psychedelic Harmonic tremolo mode for phaser-like modulation. Complete with a multiuse jack for tap tempo, expression control, envelope control, or stereo audio output, the MXR M305 Tremolo is fit to be your do-it-all tremolo effects solution.

Six tremolo modes, from subtle to psychedelic

Guitarists at Sweetwater know that the basic tremolo effect can take on many forms — that's why we're so excited about the MXR M305's multiple tremolo modes. Simply press down on the Gain control to cycle through them. Here's what they cover:

  • MXR: Re-creates the vibrant, rich pulsations of the classic M159 Stereo Tremolo
  • Bias: Based on the "lush, power-soaked compression" heard in '60s tube amplifiers with built-in tremolo circuits
  • Revo: Based on an optical tremolo waveform, reversed for more exaggerated peaks and dips
  • Opto: Based on photocell tremolo circuits found in vintage amps, with a lush, smooth character
  • SQR: Square-wave tremolo for choppy, pronounced tremolo
  • Harm: Based on the harmonic tremolo found in vintage amps, for trippy phase-like modulation
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