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Strymon Brig Multi-voice dBucket Delay Effect Pedal

Strymon Brig Multi-voice dBucket Delay Effect Pedal

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A Trio of Expertly Emulated Bucket Brigade Delay Voices

The second in Strymon’s line of scaled-down stompboxes, the Brig multi-voice dBucket stereo delay pedal comes loaded with three masterfully emulated analog delay emulations based on iconic bucket brigade configurations in stompbox history. From the gritty 3205 to the dreamy 3005 to the cross-coupled complexity of Multi, these three voices produce a multitude of exceptionally analog-authentic tones to discover. Once you’ve chosen your voice, the Brig offers an intuitive array of knobs to sculpt your sound, including delay-standard time/repeats/mix controls, a distinctive Filter knob to adjust the sound of your repeats, and even modulation knobs that are uniquely tuned to complement each voice. And, like all Strymon’s world-class creations, the Brig is packed to the brim with a mind-blowing array of top-class utility features, boasting artifact-free tap tempo, full MIDI integration (including 300 onboard presets), an expression pedal input, USB-C, and a flexible array of switchable mono/stereo configurations. Straight-ahead stompbox workflow with the same industry-defining sonics of a big-box Strymon — the Brig is an extraordinarily versatile do-it-all delay that perfectly captures the dark, moody mystique of classic bucket brigade delay.

Strymon Brig Multi-voice dBucket Stereo Delay Pedal Features:

  • The second of Strmyon’s scaled-down stompbox offerings, giving you industry-defining Strymon sounds in a pedalboard-friendly format
  • 3 masterfully crafted analog-voiced emulations of 3 iconic bucket brigade delay configurations
  • Takes you from bog-standard delays to modded-out ethereal soundscapes with the tweak of a few knobs
  • World-class discrete stereo JFET analog input circuit gives you a touch-sensitive feel and crisp response
  • Modulation knob that’s fine-tuned to excel with each of the 3 delay voices
  • Filter knob adjusts the response of your repeats, from ultra-dark to bright and precise
  • Intuitive Time/Repeats/Mix controls will be familiar to any delay enthusiast
  • Artifact-free tap tempo, accessed by holding the footswitch
  • Full MIDI integration gives you real-time control of the Brig’s parameters and 300 onboard presets
  • Expression pedal input for in-the-moment control
  • Stereo I/O, with mono-to-mono, mono-to-stereo, and stereo-to-stereo operation
  • USB-C plug allows for easy firmware updates and MIDI control
  • 32-bit floating-point processing; incredibly low-noise 24-bit, 96kHz A/D and D/A converters
  • Analog dry path provides a zero latency dry signal
  • +8dBu max input level accommodates both instrument and line-level signals
  • True bypass construction with electromechanical relay switching keeps your sound clean and clear
  • Selectable trails mode and analog buffered bypass
  • Heavy-duty anodized aluminum chassis is ready to meet the rigors of the road
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