PRS SE DGT Guitar Collection

PRS SE DGT Guitar Collection

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PRS SE DGT Guitar Collection

The PRS DGT SE Guitar Collection, borne of the collaboration between Paul Reed Smith Guitars and renowned guitarist David Grissom, encapsulates a shared vision of precision and musicality.

This line of instruments, while adhering to the high-quality craftsmanship synonymous with the PRS brand, offers a nuanced approach tailored to the discerning player.

The collection's distinctive features—an amalgam of Grissom's nuanced specifications and PRS's manufacturing prowess—yield a range of tones that may be both warm and articulate, demonstrating their suitability across genres.

Moreover, the guitars' aesthetic appeal does not overshadow their ergonomic design and playability, making them a coveted choice for both stage and studio work.

As we examine the finer points of the DGT SE's construction and the impact it has made on the guitar-playing community, one might consider how such an instrument could refine their own musical expression.

PRS Guitars Heritage

The heritage of PRS Guitars is marked by a relentless pursuit of perfection, encompassing decades of masterful craftsmanship and groundbreaking innovation in the realm of guitar manufacturing. Reflecting a steadfast commitment to excellence, the PRS Guitars heritage is a testament to the brand's dedication to the art of creating instruments that resonate with musicians across genres.

This tradition is exemplified by the use of quality tonewoods, such as the resonant mahogany neck and the vibrant maple top, which contribute to the guitar's rich tonal palette. The aesthetic elegance of PRS Guitars is often accentuated with distinctive moon inlays, while the PRS patented tremolo system ensures tuning stability and expressive vibrato.

Together, these elements forge a legacy of high-caliber instruments, cherished for their versatility, distinctive tones, and exceptional playability.

Signature DGT Features

Signature DGT features, such as vintage-voiced humbuckers, imbue the guitar with a classic tonal character that distinguishes it within the PRS SE lineup. These humbuckers are specially designed to capture the nuanced sound reminiscent of the golden era of electric guitars, fulfilling the vision of guitarist David Grissom.

The inclusion of a push/pull master tone control adds a layer of versatility, providing players the ability to coil-split and tap into a broader range of sounds.

A distinctive aspect of the DGT SE is the PRS patented tremolo, also known as the DGT David Grissom Trem, which offers a smooth vibrato action while maintaining exceptional tuning stability.

These signature DGT features ensure that the DGT SE guitar delivers both classic vibes and modern playability.

Versatile Pickup Configuration

Building on the foundational classic tones set by the signature DGT features, the PRS DGT SE Guitar Collection's versatile pickup configuration opens up a realm of sonic possibilities for guitarists to explore.

Harnessing the power of two DGT S pickups, players can navigate through an expansive tonal landscape, from warm, articulate cleans to rich, saturated overdrives. Each pickup is controlled by independent volume controls, allowing for intricate blending and precise tonal command.

Additionally, the inclusion of a push/pull tone control permits coil-splitting, further diversifying the available sounds.

Coupled with a PRS patented tremolo system and a smooth rosewood fingerboard, the DGT SE provides a comprehensive range of expressive options, ensuring that each note resonates with clarity and stability.

Innovative David Grissom Tremolo System

Crafted through a unique collaboration with David Grissom, the tremolo system on the PRS DGT SE Guitar Collection sets a new standard for tuning stability and tonal versatility.

The PRS patented tremolo, meticulously designed to meet the rigorous demands of both David Grissom's playing and the expectations of discerning electric guitar enthusiasts, offers unparalleled expressive capabilities. This tremolo system provides a smooth, reliable performance that ensures each note is delivered with clarity and fidelity.

Additionally, the innovative tone control with push/pull functionality allows for extensive tonal shaping, including coil-splitting for a wide variety of soundscapes.

The DGT model's tremolo system exemplifies a commitment to quality and innovation, enhancing the electric guitar's playability and sonic palette.

Iconic Bird Inlays

Continuing the legacy of exceptional craftsmanship, the PRS SE DGT guitars are adorned with the brand's iconic bird inlays on the rosewood fingerboard, signifying the exquisite attention to detail synonymous with PRS instruments.

These inlays are not merely aesthetic embellishments; they reflect the brand's commitment to quality and the unique collaboration with artist David Grissom. The bird motifs, a hallmark of the PRS identity, contribute to the distinctive look and feel of the SE model, offering players a visual representation of the brand's dedication to excellence.

Each inlay in the PRS DGT SE guitar collection is meticulously crafted, ensuring that every chord and lead played is framed by an artistic touch that is as precise as it is beautiful.

Affordable Pro-Level Quality

The PRS DGT SE Guitar Collection bridges the gap between affordability and professional-grade quality, making it an ideal choice for serious musicians mindful of budget without compromising on performance.

With its mahogany body and fine craftsmanship, this series reflects PRS's dedication to creating instruments of enduring value.

The PRS SE DGT, designed in collaboration with David Grissom, offers a playing experience that is lightyears ahead of what one might expect at this price point. Its feature set ensures affordable pro-level quality for a wide range of players.

This model delivers versatile tones, precise control, and the playability of much costlier guitars, representing a significant value proposition for both aspiring and seasoned guitarists alike.

Customer Satisfaction Insights

Gleaning insights from customer satisfaction metrics, the PRS DGT SE Guitar Collection has received high praise for its exceptional playability and value. Customers have highlighted the skilled collaboration between PRS and renowned guitarist David Grissom as a key factor in the guitar's design, which has resulted in a superior playing experience.

The tone versatility offered by the DGT S pickups and push/pull tone control has been lauded, satisfying a wide range of musical genres and styles. Users frequently commend the guitar's aesthetic appeal, alongside its functional excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does DGT Stand for in PRS Guitars?

In the context of PRS guitars, "DGT" stands for David Grissom Tremolo, a signature model created in collaboration with the artist, featuring unique specifications tailored to his playing style and tonal preferences.

What Does the SE Mean on PRS Guitars?

The 'SE' in PRS guitars signifies 'Student Edition,' a line offering quality craftsmanship and features at a more accessible price point, appealing to a broader range of guitarists seeking professional-level instruments.

Why Are PRS Guitars More Expensive?

PRS guitars command high prices due to their premium materials, meticulous craftsmanship, exceptional tone, and innovative features, such as proprietary tremolo systems—attributes that reflect the brand's dedication to quality and performance.

What Pickups Are in the PRS SE Standard?

The PRS SE Standard is outfitted with vintage-voiced humbuckers, offering a balance of warm rhythm tones and crisp solo sounds, with flexible control via individual volume adjustments and a push/pull tone control for coil-splitting.

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